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    Creative entertainment projects so refreshing, it's heavenly.

    Creativity Like No Other

    Azurean Studios floats in the skies of its own climate—no matter the weather, our company and its projects have a distinct atmosphere which no other creative entity does. Like arriving in a new & foreign place, Azurean Studios feels like something altogether different; and you're as excited as ever to explore our unique, bizarre and outright incredible realms. Go ahead, have a blast, we sure are!

    Eccentric Entertainment

    At Azurean Studios, we put our hard-earned free time into projects that reflect how eccentric we are! We have no time or desire to invest in cash-cow or paint-by-number projects—our games, books, music & beyond are created because they are something we personally wished into existence. Once you experience them, you'll wish you had never gone without them!

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    Explore what we are working on this very moment. (Or, if not, probably this moment, instead.)

    Your soul was shattered into multiple pieces, and they are drifting around without your control in a nightmarish dream-world. Keep them all alive or you won't be waking up.


    In Dreambreaker: Deficit, players will switch between multiple perspectives in the game world as horrific consequences await each and every one of them. If one dies, the soul is broken, and there's no return. Sometimes, being in many places at once is a saving grace—other times, it's a death sentence. Use the fragments of yourself to solve puzzles, discover danger your other fragments are currently in, and switch to them to escape before it's too late.


    Entering development for VR, PC, Android, iOS. Many updates and/or changes to come.

  • Our Projects

    Here's what's brewing in our cloud of creative development!

    Get your copy of the Principia Dua eBook

    A psych-horror game of frantic multi-tasking.

    Keep the fragmented pieces of your soul together during a marathon of nightmares by switching between them in this "First-Person^2" psychological horror game.

    Visit Abstract on Steam Greenlight

    An artsy video game painted with spiritual warfare.

    Steeped in abstract minimalism, this video game lets players explore a pure-white canvas world—until corruption leads them astray and a mess is made.

    Get your copy of the Principia Dua eBook

    Abstract: Binaria

    A minimalist mobile game about trust and faith.

    What makes you trust, and how do you know you should? In Binaria, life is black and white, but strange colorful forces are up to something, here. The question is—just what?

    Get your copy of the Principia Dua eBook


    A deserted island survival game with a deep story.

    Featuring music from Arbiter, navigate this first person survival game to survive a deserted islaand attempt to be rescued before your supplies run out.

    ASMR: Azurea

    A relaxing, heavenly video game to explore freely.

    Featuring YouTube's calming "relaxation artist" GnarGnar9000, this video game simulates the heavenly floating realm of Azurea, where players relax, unwind, explore & discover—on Mobile, PC and beyond!

    Visit the DMT game on Steam Greenlight

    A game focusing on experiences of the afterlife.

    Inspired by cult classic LSD: Dream Emulator, this video game presents a surreal series of afterlife experiences which are never quite the same.

    Get your season pass to Sylus

    A music album within a video game world.

    In Video Game & Music Album form, MadGod's first season follows the stories & psychosis of Sylus Lunaterre—author of the Fragments of Sanity.

    Visit the Phantosmia Website

    Refreshing & eccentric fragrance products.

    Phantosmia is line of fragrance products with an exotic, luxurious nature intended for eccentric & entrepreneurial men, women & beyond.

    Your Life is Perfect

    This book will help manifest the life you dream of.

    This short self-help book uses affirmations, hypnosis and the law of attraction to help you manifest your ideal surroundings, mind, body & spirit.

  • Finished Works

    Explore these Azurean Studios projects now—they're finished & ready!

    Analectia Contracordum

    An insane poetry book tied to a deeper meaning.

    The Fragments of Sanity are a collection of insane, twisted poems which comprise the Analectia Contracordum—a book of sheer madness.

    Arbiter: Ironclad/Machinations

    A Dual-album focused on a sci-fi divide between cyber-humans and nature-humans.

    Owned by Famined Records, written and recorded by Arbiter, this music album features a detailed science fiction dystopia where a war between cybernetic-enhanced humans and their nature-abiding opposition rages on. Azurean Studios' founder served as creative director for the project.

    Arbiter: Colossus

    A music album foreshadowing the story of Arbiter's 'Ironclad/Machinations' album.

    Part of the Ironclad/Machinations lore by music band Arbiter, this metal album enjoyed success as an underground classic in the metal community in the early 2010's. Featuring Azurean Studios' founder as creative director, Colossus has a simple delivery, yet is laced with deep insight.

    Arbiter: Principia Dua

    A poetic text devoted to harmony. An extension to Ironclad/Machinations universe.

    Part of the Ironclad/Machinations lore by music band Arbiter, this short book of balance & harmony features the prophetic poetry of The Dua—a monk-like civilization living in Sky Temples. The book features easily-decipherable "code" reflecting the dualism which The Dua revere so passionately.


    Learn more about the members of the Azurean Studios team!

    Connor Arbiter

    Sole Proprietor

    Connor is an entertainment maven with a multitude of mold-breaking entertainment works under his belt. Connor has a supporter base of about 65,000 people when his projects are combined.


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    Stratus the Cloud

    Azurean Studios Mascot

    Stratus the Cloud is Azurean Studios' go-to guy for explaining what we're up to.

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